AUTO Rickshaw Advertising

AUTO Rickshaw Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising – Anywhere, Everywhere!

Due to its capacity to cover a large area of the city in a single day, auto advertising has a significant impact. About 5,000 people are drawn to the autorickshaws because they travel about 100 km per day.

The best aspect is that everyone in the traffic jams becomes your captive audience, especially at traffic lights and junctions where people need to read something until the signal turns green!

Your advertisements travel wherever the vehicle does with auto advertising. Anytime, anywhere: it guarantees immediate audience engagement at the most affordable prices. With rickshaw advertisements that smartly spread the word and market your products, you can keep up with the rapidly changing customer base. We offer end-to-end services as an auto advertising agency.


Auto Hood Advertisement : The installation of  auto hood with branding on all three sides and a larger advertising space makes auto hood advertising more advantageous. Since hoods aren’t changed frequently, it also guarantees ongoing advertising. We provide the best print, material, and quality for the hood. We handle everything, including planning, designing hoods, analysing the market, and carrying out the plan.

Auto Vinyl Sticker: Auto vinyl decals entail adhering a vinyl banner to the back of the auto for a predetermined period of time. The utilisation of premium materials is ensured. We’re here to assist you in launching your promotion using the most widely used mode of transportation. We don’t just design and print premium vinyl stickers; we also stick them on a variety of auto rickshaws.

Benefits Of Auto Rickshaw Advertising:
(1) Compared to most other ad media, ads on autorickshaws can keep users’ attention longer.
(2) The average day for an auto is ten hours. At least 100 km are covered by autorickshaws each day. Compared to other media, the cost per unique impression is lower.
(3) It has recently become a new trendsetter. It provides a brand with moving visibility for at least 16 hours per day.
(4) It reaches every interior space and alley where no other advertising medium can.
(5) Any advertisement that is placed on the car’s roof or hood would also move throughout the day, covering busy streets, residential neighbourhoods, educational institutions, traffic signals, etc.
Our Process

DESIGN: We carefully consider the dimensions and colours when creating the compelling creative for your auto ad.

MATERIAL PROCUREMENT: We buy the highest-quality hood material on the market to print your advertisement on.

PRINTING: To print the design on the hood, we employ the best printer with the most recent technology.

STITCHING: To get the best return on investment from your advertising campaign, double stitching is used to ensure the long life of the hood.

INSTALLATION: We place the hoods in the locations where you want people to see your advertisement.

DATA SUBMISSION: As proof, we take pictures of each hood installation and give them to the clients.


Why to advertise with Binvento ?

One Stop Solutions: From designing to installing, we offer a complete solution for your needs regarding auto advertisements.

Premium Quality Material: We use some of the highest-quality materials on the market, which look better and last longer.

One Time Delivery: Every time, we provide services on time!

Transperacny : We install the hoods in front of the client and send them pictures of the hoods after installation as part of our commitment to complete transparency.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Facts & Figures
  1. 16 hrs:The majority of all transit advertising mediums are auto, which play an average of 16 hours per day.
  2. 100kms : One auto typically travels 100 kilometres per day, providing incredible roaming.
  3. 2000 Views: They provide an average of 2000 viewers per auto.
  4. 150 Days: The auto hoods we install typically last 150 days.
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