Tricycle Advertising


Tricycle rickshaw advertising is regarded as a low-cost and environmentally friendly method of advertising your goods and services.
Tricycle rickshaw advertising is regarded as a low-cost and environmentally friendly method of advertising your goods and services. On a tight budget, Tricycle advertising offers all the benefits of outdoor media. Tricycle advertising encourages individuals to start their own businesses. Compared to other traditional media, cycle rickshaw advertising is more cost-effective. However, Tricycle rickshaw advertising is an outdoor medium that offers both lit and non-lit options. The benefit of Tricycle advertising is that you can target any market segment while moving to your desired location on wheels. Advertising on Tricycle rickshaws gives you the most visibility and potential customers’ focus.
The best method of locally promoting the brand is through Tricycle activities. We also carry out this activity at PAN India. We will customise it based on the customer’s needs and budget.

We will have two types which are as follows:-

  1. Back-Lit Tricycle Advertising
  2. Non-Lit Tricycle Advertising
Back-Lit Tricycle advertising with Announcement
Tricycle Advertising is the most effective mode of advertising.
Brands are promoted using Tricycle in a box-shaped format as a road show. Tricycle advertising is the most environmentally friendly form of advertising and is excellent for metro areas. These Tricycle were created specifically to transport brand messages. These Tricycle have room at the back for branding. These Tricycle circulate throughout the city after being marked. Tricycle marketing is comparable to the open trucks used to transport hoardings inside cities. In Ahmedabad, Lazycom is a specialised Tricycle branding agency. For the best branding prices, please get in touch with us.

Figures out details of visibility

On Ahmedabad’s roads, there are thousands of vehicles.

Most Tricycle activity occurs in crowded areas.



Non-Lit Tricycle Advertising

There is tremendous growth in E Rickshaw sale and new companies are coming up in market with new models and specifications of E Rickshaw.

Businessmen can boost their sales and profits by advertising and promoting their brands in the marketplace. Companies and firms that use the E-Auto Rickshaw Advertising service from Binvento Advertising Media can benefit from their business in a number of ways. One of the top companies that provides premium advertising services at reasonable prices is Binvento Advertising Media. One of the businesses that offers services to customers in both urban and rural areas of India is this one.

Tricycle advertising with announcement

Tricycle branding can be an extremely effective as well as efficient medium for advertising.



Advertising is a creative process, and the more original and creative an advertisement is, the higher the likelihood that many people will see it. Tricycle advertising is more creative and novel, and it can attract attention from onlookers even from a distance.


Tricycle advertising is very flexible because the advertiser can choose the timetable and routes based on their requirements, which is typically not possible with other transit media.


Impossible to skip
These advertisements differ from those on television, radio, and many other media in part because they are difficult to skip or ignore. In addition, it doesn’t even demand that the viewer consciously access The medium can be presented before the advertisement and can immediately grab viewers’ attention.


Reach Out to Everyone
Since the passersby who see these advertisements may come from any class, they can successfully target both the upper and lower classes of society. With the appropriate routes and timings in the appropriate locations. Tricycle Branding would make it simple for businesses to connect with their intended audience.



One of the most crucial targeting methods is geo-targeting, and tricycle advertisements can offer the level of geo-targeting required to connect with the desired audience. The precise city, region, and even street are all up for the advertisers’ choice. they would like to promote. If carefully thought out, tricycle branding can also be used to target audiences based on their demographics.


Better Recall
The competition that OOH ads face from other outdoor advertisements is one of their biggest problems. It can be challenging to keep consumers’ attention for a longer period of time through the use of advertisements, given how many they are exposed to at once. traditional media. However, you can actually have your own brand with Tricycle Branding.