Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising 

Transit advertising – Non-stop promotion in motion!

Advertising via transit is effective when you want to reach a large audience. You can advertise on buses, cabs, or other moving vehicles to reach people of all ages. Transit advertising primarily targets people at traffic signals and intersections, but it also targets people as they travel to and from work, go out, shop, or drive around town.

This form of advertising is distinctive because it enables you to geo target your audience and convey your message in imaginative ways. Additionally, unlike broadcast or online advertising, it cannot be ignored or turned off.

Using your target audience’s regular modes of transportation, you can leave a lasting impression on them with transit advertising. Utilizing the best, we ensure excellent promotion using the best modes of transportation.

What do we offer

Tricycle Advertisement: Tricycle advertising establishes a distinctive brand presence in the targeted neighborhoods while being environmentally friendly. Where other methods are impractical, it is the most appealing and sensible choice. Additionally, tricycle advertising has a great reach in busy areas. They attract more attention than a bus and are much nicer and more likable than the poster. Furthermore, your target audience has much closer and more emotional interactions with the carrier.

Auto Rickshaw Advertisement : Auto rickshaws are people’s go-to and preferred mode of transportation when they want to teleport. Our business takes advantage of the popularity of auto rickshaws to boost sales. One of the most effective and simple outdoor advertising methods is using auto rickshaws, which are much more eye-catching than banners or hoardings. We primarily provide two types of auto-rickshaw advertising: auto vinyl stickers and auto hood decals.

Bus Advertisement : A bus ad is the best option if you want to reach a wide audience and are looking for large advertisements that will travel to numerous locations. Bus advertising provides exposure to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians by traveling through the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities. We provide top-notch service with premium materials and are available in a range of sizes and formats, from side panel displays to fully wrapped buses.

Cab Advertisement: The target audience can be reached more profitably and effectively by placing advertisements on cabs in India. We approach the entire cab as a blank canvas and have mastered the skill of utilizing the available space to its fullest. This type of advertising is especially effective right now because the use of cab services like Uber and Ola has significantly increased. Therefore, advertising in cabs would draw a lot of customers, and we can assist you in doing the same.

Benefits of  transit advertising :

  • The audience cannot ignore the message like they could with online advertising, which is one advantage of transit advertising. A transit advertisement is sure to draw attention thanks to its bold, colorful design.
  • Transit advertising also offers flexibility in terms of ad size and placement, giving it exclusivity in that advertising space.
  • It enables your message to be broadcast for a long time and repeatedly seen by your intended audience. The message of your brand is more familiar to consumers as a result of this prolonged exposure.
  • You can advertise on public transport for people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and income levels. You connect with groups like families, workers, students, tourists, and shopaholics.
  • Transit advertising is an economical way to reach customers for long periods of time.

When it comes to exterior bus advertisements, there is also no seasonality. Average awareness levels for bus advertising remain constant over the course of the year. The effectiveness of the campaign is unaffected by the season.


Why advertise with Binvento ?

Multiple options: There are many different transit advertising options available to us.

One Stop Solutions : We provide a turnkey service for any type of transit advertising campaign, starting with the design and ending with the execution.

Premium Quality : We offer high-end branding and mobile advertising options.

Transparency : Throughout the course of an advertising campaign, we deal with complete transparency.

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Transit Advertising Facts & Figures

  • Between 8 and 18 hours per day, up to seven days per week, there are taxis, buses, and tricycles on the road.
  • In India, only Uber has more than 3,000,000 rides per week at airports.
  • Each major city has more than 10,000 Uber vehicles.
  • The fastest-growing category of out-of-home advertising is now transit advertising.

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