SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing
Delivering information to the right audience at the right time
Due to the widespread use of mobile phones, bulk SMS Marketing has also emerged as a significant marketing tool, much like email marketing. SMS Marketing has grown in popularity as a component of the mobile marketing sector, with more and more SMS containing advertisements being sent every day. A company’s database of mobile contact numbers can be used to send bulk text messages to a large number of recipients. Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, serves as a bridge between online and offline marketing. But just like email marketing, SMS marketing can be very  ineffective if not done correctly. As a top SMS Marketing company based in India, we make it simple for our clients to send bulk SMS messages mere child’s play and all the more fruitful. .
A single mass text message can be sent using our user-friendly Bulk SMS Manager to any mobile device that uses a client’s web browser. There are absolutely no difficulties in completing this task. To easily get started, one only needs to log into his account online. SMS is one of the most economical options for a communication medium. Both internal staff and external customers can be reached through it.
Why Bulk SMS Advertising?
  • Deliver your text ads at the precise moment you believe will maximise their effectiveness.
  • Time is saved because the campaign can be created, conceptualised and launched quickly.
  • It saves time as it is quick to Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign.
  • Cheaper, Faster and Instant results
  • SMS advertising is Cost – Effective
  • Each SMS will display the pre-defined Sender name of the company, directly aiding in the development of the brand.
  • For all age groups, ideal.

SMS Desktop:

With an Interactive User Interface, it is the standalone Anwendung that makes Enterprise messaging simple. This Application is sufficiently comprehensive to meet the SMS requirements of a business that reliably provides the service. SMS can be sent from databases of all sizes and complexity levels, and it can be scheduled for distribution over a wide range of dates and times with groupings of segmentation. With our desktop Application, general and customised SMSes are equally enjoyable. Each type of SMS Push can be set up manually or automatically.

Bulk SMS Online (Web Bases Interface):

It is the SMS Desktop Online Version, which enables businesses to access the same Application online. According to our model, SMS Online is distributed under the Single User/ individual license.


We integrate your existing ERP, CRM, or other applications as well as your Websites and portals with the messaging services. Because there are APIs available for the industry standards. NET,.COM, HTTP, and SOAP, your existing Application can be easily integrated.
Features of our panel :
  • Create a mobile group (mobile groups are created by users)
  • Create Mobile Numbers
  • Broadcast ( to send a message to a group of users or a list of mobile numbers)
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Once a message is delivered to the recipient, the Sender Id—the name of the business or brand—will be visible in the inbox—will be displayed.
  • SMS Gateway
  • Database comparison with the Do Not Call Registry
  • For sending bulk SMS, we offer three different kinds of applications.
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