Why is branding so important?

welcome back to our blog today I’m not gonna talk about branding so from the beginning our company has always created items and sold it underneath our brand which is deadly Northwest I thought that was natural I did that since 2017 99 for several items were our own product Dublin Northwest that’s why if I sell it on Amazon I own the buy box since it’s my item no one else owns it when I went to this Amazon conference what I was taught and what I was told was a lot of Amazon sellers did not do that what they did was they just bought something like Nike and they tried to resell it so again that’s an easy way to do it but what’s happening now is these big companies like Nike Yeti they’re selling now directly on the same platform so why would they need you the Amazon seller when they can just sell directly to Amazon you need to build your private label brand from the beginning if you’re not doing now you need to do it and here’s an example I have here a jacket that I purchased from a company called American Giant three years ago I use this jacket to shovel the snow I use this jacket when it’s cold out Emma unloaded can’t air so it’s rough around the edges but I still wear this with pride I only found all about this company three years ago because there was an article written about them and some are read this article I read that they’re famous because they created the best hoodie ever created so I use this jacket until it’s falling apart and it still has not fallen apart yet but when I was right to buy a new jacket I went and looked around and I decided like hey I’m not going to take my chances I’m gonna go back to the website I’m gonna buy my next gear from American Giants I’m gonna go ahead and pull up up to show you guys how this company has done it they’re selling to a customer like me directly on their website


didn’t go to Amazon I didn’t go to Walmart I went right take right to their website and bought their product because they have a brand American Giant the best hoodie ever made so I’m gonna go ahead and show it to you guys if you’re on Amazon or on eBay or on Walmart and you’re just trying to resell or sell the cheapest product good luck to you but if you want a customer like me to buy on your website you better start working on your brand today not only do I trust them with my jacket with my collar jacket I now trust them with the best hoodie made along with the pair of sweat pants BAM so I just don’t talk about branding I don’t just go on and on about private label

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