Why Instagram hashtags are important?

You Want to learn How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Social Media following in 2020. A lot of people think that hashtags are dead but that simply just isn’t the case you just need to know what you’re doing when it comes to hashtag research and using hashtags in your posts hashtags are still an excellent way to grow. Especially this year hashtags can give you more discovery. then the Explorer page can in some instances hashtags are easy to rank for than the Explorer paid and if you rank for some of the more competitive hashtags. then you’ll have your pictures and content exposed to over a million people. A real ninja way to use hashtags to grow in your stories so make sure you stick around for that now guys a really important way to grow your Instagram following with hashtags is you need to be doing your hashtag research.
Now, what do I mean by hashtag research is you need to be leveraging websites like display purposes dot-com and I’ll link that below to search some of the most popular hashtags in your niche you need to know which hashtags are competitive to rank for and which the hashtags aren’t that competitive to rank for so that you can use this process to rank for the smallest hashtags first based on you. the engagement on your page and then snowball that into some of the larger hashtags now Instagram will allow you to put 30 hashtags in your caption but that’s not what we’re going to be doing here we aren’t going to be narrowing down our hashtags to 15 to 20. if you use all 30 Instagram might think that that spam especially a few years in the same ones over and over again so I’m gonna show you how to narrow your hash 250 or 20 relevant hashtags to the post the hashtags have to be relevant to your post if you’re posting a picture of a bird and your hashtagging ice cream.


hat you’re already getting on your Instagram and this is also. where DM groups can into play because if you’re leveraging a DM group. I’ll make a video on in the future you can use it to boost the engagement on these posts to help you rank for these larger hashtags so in this strategy. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna rank for the smaller hashtag. first, that’s going to give us more engagement on the post we’re gonna leverage our DM groups and our engagement organically and that’s gonna help boost us up into those larger hashtags so that we can have maximum mix but now this strategy can be bought potent then putting your stuff onto the Explorer page because Instagrams follow hashtag feature will send your content to all the users. that are following these specific hashtags so if you ranked for one of these larger hashtags. All the people that are following these hashtags are gonna have your pictures show up on their feed and that’s the way we grow with our hashtag strategy. As we put our content into these top hashtags have them that content shows up on these user speeds and in turn get more engagement Get more followers and get discovered. alright, guys now let me give you an example of how I rank for my hashtags so you can use this exact strategy for your Instagram now as you can see I got my post up here and I’m ready to go let me write the caption alright so and once we got our caption written it’s time to paste the hashtags from display purposes now like. I said before we’re not going to be using all 30 so what we’ll do is we’ll go down and we’ll take out. The ones that don’t pertain to the post because not everyone is gonna pertain to your actual picture I am obviously not an inked up girl. The hashtags that you get from a top hashtag generator and narrowing it down to what ones fit your post after.
I post this obviously Instagram doesn’t sing with an algorithm based on the engagement with my posts. I’m gonna rank for some of these hashtags hopefully getting to the top 9. which I’ve done plenty of times using. this strategy and then Instagram is going to show my content to all those people following those top hashtags explosive engagement explosive discovery a lot more powerful. then the Explorer pic all right guys so since you’re stuck around to the end of the video as promised here’s the ninja way you can use hashtags in your Instagram stories to create explosive discovery and I’ll actually show you a screenshot of how I’ve used this to create discovery for myself so what I got here is I got the same post pulled up in my Instagram story feed not before. I create this story what I’ll do is Instagram will give you the option to use a use one main hashtag so what I’ll do is I’ll use tattoos cuz I have tattoos no make that smaller and put it down here now with the type key we’re able to type another 14 hashtags but don’t use 14 don’t use all 15 I remember I can recommend only using 4 really popular hashtags and again do your hashtag research find out which ones are popular and those are the ones are going to be using so doing my hashtag research I know that Street where tattoos excuse me an inked men are really popular hashtags so what I’ll do is I’ll make them a little bit smaller and I’ll put them down in the corner kind of to take away from the post after that I’ll throw in a location tag which all right now once you got the song picked out what I’ll do is I’ll put it over all the hashtags so that people don’t know they’re there now here’s the trick when you’re going for this exposure you want to tag yourself in your own Instagram story okay tag yourself in your own Instagram story so when it’s showing up in the people’s feeds that are following this hashtag story they are able to click that sticker for your name come to your page. look at your content and follow you back extreme ninja way to grow your Instagram following to get more discovery to get more engagement.

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