Budget Friendly Tools to Help Your Business Capture More Leads

Starting a new business is exciting, but also a little terrifying. You need capital, a business plan, a marketing strategy and so much more before you can really get started. You need to design logos, business cards, and a website. You need to set up social media accounts, and management tools. Before all that, you need an idea. 


Online Business Ideas

Some business ideas are best suited to being online only. 


  • App Development

Mobile traffic is statistically just over 50% of all web traffic. App development is one way to capitalize on mobile web traffic. If you have talent and skill in app development, then this would be an easy business idea. 

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has an affiliate marketing programme which can be very lucrative. It’s relatively easy to apply. You just need to have a website, and submit the application. Once approved, you will earn a commission on every qualifying purchase. 


  • Etsy

If you have craft, woodwork, metalwork, or other creative talents, then you can set up an Etsy store. It’s easy to set up, but you should make sure that you are aware of shipping rates, packaging, and any other extra costs. You should also be aware of how to price your products, including the costs for your materials, and time. 


  • Consultancy Business

If you have a passion, and wide knowledge of a specific topic, or area, then you could set up an online consultancy business. There are many different types of consultancy business, from career coaching, SEO, marketing, leadership, and finance. 


  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a hugely important part of any business, and some small to medium businesses don’t quite have the budget to hire an in-house team. They’ll often outsource to a digital marketing agency. If you know SEO, pay-per-click, social media, content and email marketing, then you may want to set up your own digital marketing agency. 


  • Graphic Design

While digital marketing is incredibly important, other marketing methods should not be overlooked. Businesses will always need things like logos, flyers, and visual graphics. A graphic design agency can be a lucrative business opportunity if you have artistic talent, and an eye for great visuals.


Offline Business Ideas

There are some businesses that take place offline, however, things like website design, digital marketing, and social media management should still be taken into consideration. 


  • Professional Organisation

Some people are organised, and some people are less so. If you are a very organised person, then you could start a professional organisation business. This would mean that you would go into people’s houses, and help them organise their closets, rooms, and anything else that needed it. It can also mean giving people strategies to keep themselves organised after you leave. 


  • Child Care

Parents always need affordable child care. If you like children, and are good with them, then a home-based child care business could be a good opportunity for you. However, you should always check the local legislation in your area as there may be a registration requirement, or a limit on how many children you can look after in a home setting. 


  • Stylist

Hair and makeup styling business can be easy to set up, providing you have the appropriate training and insurance. The initial capital can be considerably smaller than that needed for other businesses. 


  • Personal Training

Personal training can be a very lucrative business. If you are into fitness and believe that you would be good at motivating others, then you should consider setting up your own personal fitness business. 


  • Lawn Care Service

Lawn care is a boring task for most people, but if you like working in the garden, then you may be able to turn your hobby into a business. You could start by offering basic lawn care services such as mowing, and leaf raking, adding on premium services as you grow. 


  • Tutoring

Tutoring can be a viable business. If you have knowledge in a particular subject, you could offer tutoring sessions to students who are struggling. Tutoring is often better done in person, but this service could be offered online through video chat as well.

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