Why SEO is Important?


your website ranking has been dropping – and it’s a clear sign that your fancier services and strategies are being outdated as you know that the most powerful search engine that is Google modifies its search algorithm to look out for the page content in case if you are not updating your SEO services frequently then you are surely missing it out so let’s just discuss about some key advantages of SEO here’s comes the first point visibility and ranking one of the most important function of SEO is visibility and as you guys know that the visibility is directly related to ranking so we can say that as the higher the ranking of your website the ball will be the visibility of your website and then the more number of users will click on it next one we have web traffic improved web traffic is a core objective of SEO and you can simply boost up your web traffic by boosting up your visibility and ranking nearly 33% of the clicks goes only on the first page content and the first five page content cover almost 75 percent of the entire clicks the third one we have Authority the idea of Authority is something new in SEO but this idea of Authority is becoming more vital in the search engines basically the idea of Authority implies that your website is reliable high-quality and has something to offer next we have creating a better visitor experience another reason SEO is significant is that all the right you put into creating large contents and optimizing a website with on-page SEO enhances

the usability of the website and this creates seamless and positive customer experience and see you reward your business and pretty much higher level for its efforts as compared to any of the offline advertising the same can be said for any kind of internet marketing the reason for this is that SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that is it simply means that it allow you to market those people who are looking for the and services that your business is provide in the end SEO is essential because it can help you to achieve many of your business goals I hope you like this video still you have any doubts or queries you can just comment down below

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