Why blogs are important your social media strategy


ithin your social media strategy, all roads should point to a blog that you own to manage and control period. Today we’ll talk about why your blog is a central command. Your blog will become the most important environment. You maintain your social media strategy, in fact, your blog needs to become. The hub of the entire process if you look at this chart you’ll see the purpose of every other social media platform is to drive traffic from those sites to your blog and website. Your blog is the hub of it all and that’s where you’re telling your story and giving people the opportunity to engage with you at a deeper level there are three critical reasons your audience engages with your blog content at a deeper level than most other platforms. The first one is shelf life I mean think about this for a second what do you think the shelf life of a tweet is five minutes maybe what about the shelf life of a Facebook post maybe a day maybe did you know the shelf life of an article and your blog is forever that’s right you can write an article for your blog on a particular topic today and once you publish it. Google is going to come and crawl that article and place it in their search results what that means is that the article you write today could be seen by someone looking for information on that topic years from now and still in your blog right on that article that would never happen in facebook or twitter the second is that you are in total control of your blog if you build your entire social media strategy on websites you don’t control and something happens to that environment you can be in trouble what have you bet the farm on myspace no one knows what’s going to happen to sites like Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn over time if you think of these sites as broadcast sites you efficient to draw users to your blog then these

sites can fall in and out of favor and it won’t impact your strategy finally your blog provides the best place to generate conversions through social media this chart shows that once your blog gets to about 50 posts over time a magical thing starts to happen your conversions through social media start to skyrocket that’s because every time you add a new are your blog gets bigger by one page and Google comes and crawls that page and you start getting a little more traffic as a result with more traffic comes more conversions you might be thinking you already have a website so why do you need a blog there are some significant advantages a blog has over your website in the world of social media and internet marketing today your website’s like an online brochure it’s telling the story and history of your company as well as providing information about the products and services you provide hopefully it’s telling visitors what makes your company unique but in the end your website is a relatively static and finite thing when you created your website it was probably similar to the process you went through to have a brochure developed you sat down and thought about what you’re trying to communicate you wrote content for every page and you didn’t improve it until everything was perfect the end product was a finite communication tool the big difference with a blog is it’s a living organism it’s always growing a number of posts and a number of new visitors information is what your target audience is seeking information gives your followers knowledge and that knowledge empowers them to make good purchasing decisions status updates tweets and posts are limited in their ability to deliver knowledge they are lures to ultimately drive people to your blog a blog is the best way to create compelling content that empowers users while connecting them to your company along with potential and existing customers search engines will devour your fresh blog content and reward you with good rankings on their sites

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